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“As you know, Nick graduated from college, is living in a condo and loves his new job! I remember you saying when Nick was in Jr. High: ‘Someday when you are out in the workplace and people work with you they will know how bright you are, and if it were ever to come up that you were in ‘Special Ed’ they will be flabbergasted, for they will think of you as one of the smartest people they know!’ Well, today your statements have come true! I just want you to know that without you and your dedication to helping kids like Nick, he wouldn’t be where he is today.”

Letter to Dr. Asaikar

Shailesh Asaikar, M.D.

A board-certified pediatric neurologist, Dr. Asaikar is highly skilled in behavioral/developmental disorders and general pediatric neurology. Dr. Asaikar earned his medical degree at the University of Bombay, India. He completed his residency in pediatrics at Lincoln Hospital, an affiliate of New York Medical College in the Bronx, New York. He completed his fellowship in neurology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He was then appointed Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Health Science Center of the State University of New York, Brooklyn. During that time, he served as Attending Physician at the King’s County Hospital, as well as Consultant Neurologist at Long Island College Hospital and the Lamm Developmental Institute, both in Brooklyn. In 1989, looking to move to California, he took a position with a neurology practice in Sacramento, where Dr. Chretien was practicing. In 1990, Dr. Asaikar and Dr. Chretien established their own practice: Child and Adolescent Neurology Consultants.

Dr. Asaikar’s special interests include epilepsy and cerebral palsy as well as the overlaps between neurology, behavior and development in children and young adults. In 2008, he was named “Best Doctor” by the readers of the Sacramento News & Review.

Dr. Asaikar is fascinated and awed by the complex workings of the brain and it's limitless capabilities, a fascination that prompted him to study neurology. It is in his words a 'miraculous and unforgiving organ'. He believes that this century will herald great scientific advances which will significantly further our understanding of this magnificent organ.

Dr. Asaikar periodically attends grand rounds at UCD where he teaches residents.

In his free time, Dr. Asaikar enjoys golf and caring for his collection of koi.

Board Certifications


Recent Talks for Professional Audiences

Headaches in Children

Epilepsy in the Multiply-Handicapped

Autism: Separating Myth from Fact

Intravenous Drug Therapy for Epilepsy and Seizure

Central Nervous System Lupus

ADHD Efficacy, Response, Dosing, Safety, and Tolerability of Medication

Shaken Baby Syndrome


Neurological Disease in Infants with AIDS
M. Suri, S. Asiakar, A. Gupta, J. Goldfarb, A. Kaul, R. Kairam
Pediatric Research, 1985, 395A

Retinoblastoma – An Immuno-Histochemical Study
C. Manville, S. Asaikar, M. Wick et al.
Lab Investigation, 1988, Volume 582, 60A

Status Epilepticus: Clinical Experience with Continuous Cerebral Monitoring
I. Altafullah, S. Asaikar, F. Torres
Acta Neurological Scandanavia 1991:84:374 381

Aplasia Cutis Congential and Arteriovenous Fistula Case Report and Review
R. Singman, S. Asaikar, G. Hotson, N.S. Prose
Archives of Neurology, November 1990, Volume 47

Clinical Research

Ongoing trials in Migrane, Epilepsy and Tourette's Syndrome

Professional Conferences Attended

Carrell-Krasoen Neuromuscular Symposium – Annually

University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Neurosurgery Conference – Annually


Muscle Disease at the L'Institut de Myologie

11th World Muscle Society Satellite Teaching Course

A Comprehensive Review of Movement Disorders for the Clinical Practitioner


41st Annual Child Neurology Society Meeting

American Epilepsy Society Meeting

North Pacific Child Neurology Colloquium

5th International Epilepsy Colloquium


Second International Epilepsy Colloquium in Lyon, France

Nelson Butters' West Coast Neuropsychology Conference

Johns Hopkins University Medical School Conference on
"Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities"


Assessment and Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Salk/Nature Ipsen Symposium on Biological Complexity

Shaken Baby Syndrome Conference

American Epilepsy Society Conference

Barrows Pediatric Neuroscience Institute Symposium

The American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting

The Pediatric Neuroscience Symposium at Barrows Neurological Institute

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