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Comments from Parents

“It is with enormous gratitude that I thank you for the kindness and support you have offered my son for 21 years. You always went above and beyond to help in any way possible from getting him into your office immediately if his pain increased to attending an IEP school conference by telephone. I am especially grateful for all the supportive letters you wrote to explain my son’s pain and limitations that I used for his SSI paperwork and all the battles I had with a school system that couldn’t comprehend the effects of this disease. During the time he was growing up, no other doctor seemed to know anything about his disease and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. Your letters were our only defense against the ignorance and cruelty of the world regarding my son’s pain. I appreciate that you are supporting him during this transition period and I want you know how much your presence in his life has meant to us and that you will be greatly missed.” – Letter to Dr. Asaikar

“As you know, Nick graduated from college, is living in a condo and loves his new job! I remember you saying when Nick was in Jr. High: ‘Someday when you are out in the workplace and people work with you they will know how bright you are, and if it were ever to come up that you were in ‘Special Ed’ they will be flabbergasted, for they will think of you as one of the smartest people they know!’ Well, today your statements have come true! I just want you to know that without you and your dedication to helping kids like Nick, he wouldn’t be where he is today.” – Letter to Dr. Asaikar

“They say ‘it takes a village.’ There is no question that you were a major part of Sam’s village. He is the hardest working young person that I know, and with your help, he has gone beyond all expectations. We are all very proud of him and thank you for the role that you have played.” – Letter to Dr. Asaikar

“Dr Asaikar is one of the best doctors I've ever been to. And when your kid is sick, you want the best. Some people are put off by the way he speaks, but if you have trouble following him, just tell him (like I do all the time) and the Doc will explain it in less technical terms. He's not all warm and fuzzy--don't expect him to pick up and hug your kid. Instead, he cares deeply by fighting with Insurance companies (or going around them), avoiding unnecessary evasive procedures, and doing things like travelling to Europe on his own dime to learn new procedures for kids. It can be hard finding your way around the offices phone system, but once get the right person, you'll get taken care of. I have had to wait in his waiting room for over an hour on two occasions. Once was because he was squeezing me in. The thing is when you go to a specialist like this, he has some very sick kids, so you never know when he ends up having to go to the hospital, do a unexpected procedure in office, or has to explain to parents why their child is dying. Instead of getting angry at the wait, thank God it's not your kid with the serious condition--maybe say a prayer for them (the kid and the doc). My point is when you deal with specialist, you'll sometimes have to wait. And most don't have TVs in every room like your kid's dentist. But when Doctor Asaikar goes into the little room, he's stepping up to bat for your kid; if your kid has a serious neurological condition he's the best--unless of course there's someone who specialties in whatever your kid has, in which case he'll do an initial eval and tell you to make an appointment with that doctor. He's already told us, that if our daughter requires surgery, then he'll first send us to the Bay area to see the one doctor in California who knows more about our daughter's condition than he does. He's ridiculously smart, but NOT arrogant. You can't hope for more from a doctor.” – Review of Dr. Asaikar